Dear Sandy Springs Recycling Center Customers:

Update October 2018:  For security and logistical reasons, our hours are now 9AM-5PM, Monday through Saturday.

In accordance with industry best practices, the center will soon have lockable gates.  With the benefit of enhanced security, we will be better able to sharpen our focus on customer service. The addition of gates will provide a solution to the ongoing problems of overnight theft from your Sandy Springs Recycling Center, the illegal dumping of non-recyclable items or non-payment for items requiring a fee. Please do not leave any materials outside of our gates when they are closed. Even if you are leaving recyclable items, it is still illegal dumping.

Please note new hours for the Sandy Springs Recycling Center beginning Nov. 13, 2017:

GATES WILL BE CLOSED (no access to drop off) except the following hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 9AM-5PM
Tues & Thurs: 7AM-7PM